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We are the premier in offering market solutions via implementation of Blockchain protocol into individuals and corporations around the world and by offering backed investments with high value assets such as silver. Our team is from all over the world and we love to build decentralized blockchain applications.

Ethereum Link

We are a firm dedicated to promote, offer and integrate Ethereum platform to any individual or corporation wanting to make a whole improvement of their business structure to join the new generation era taking advantage of this technology and surpass their competitors.

Be part of our constant growing portfolio of backed assets and companies taking the next step and joining with last technology in autonomous management and money storage using the Blockchain. is also the link between Blockchain and international silver market, it is projected to grow into a large and decentralized platform for digital silver certificates trading.



Besides Silver Asset, we are always looking for interested individuals or companies to link their assets into our portfolio.


Get a complete portfolio of latest DAPPs available in market, use them or improve them.



We are constantly researching new solutions inside the blockchain space.

Our Vision


Link Platform Token is distributed to people around the world to promote a true decentralized way of holding assets.


Decentralization is a big focus to us, as a security measure, we build all our systems with the maximum decentralization possible to improve general security and stop hijacking risks.


We work by constantly setting new and higher goals to be achieved on a time basis schedule allowing us to remain competitive and maintain our market share.

Silver Backed Token

Discover the Benefits of Link Platform Most Reliable Asset.

Silver Token
A Merge of Two Worlds
New Way to Trade


  • August 2017

    UI Redesign - Silver Staking

    • 1. Link Platform interface improvement program, design of an easier UI for portal and platform, end-user oriented.

    • 2. Silver LNK Staking goes live, LNK holders can stake their Tokens in exchange of 0.999 silver bullion.

    • 3. Development team is expanded to an enterprise level number.

  • September 2017

    Enterprise Linking Desk - LNK Silver

    • 1.Linking Desk program starts helping individuals and medium-small sized businesses.

    • 2. Ethereum Link advertises blockchain investments, DAPPs and internal decentralized management solutions.

    • 3. Decentralized workflow for companies is promoted among key channels.

    • 4. Alpha platform UI starts to be built.
  • 1st Q 2018

    Decentralized Asset trading

    • 1. Decentralized Asset trading platform is live.

    • You can now trade multiple backed Tokens inside the decentralized Token Engine.

    • 2. Link Platform can now adapt the engine into interested organizations wanting to trade their assets with our Silver Trading engine.

    • 3. Link Platform signs agreements with important Companies, Distributors and Mines of precious metals.


Steven J. Kelly


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Alexander Dawson


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Alicia L. Alcantara

Marketing and Design

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Our Goal

To create a better and more functional world through the blockchain.

By offering backed assets in the blockchain we want to provide secure and reliable investments available to anyone having just an internet connection.

Who are we?

We are a group of developers and visionaries with vast experience in blockchain and crypto-currencies, we started designing and developing blockchain solutions since 2013, we've seen many projects fail and many others succeed.

Ethereum Link was born with the goal of bringing the needed promotion, asset oportunities and easy to use applications to the average joe user, we saw a mainstream adoption could happen if assets were easily understood by anyone in any part of the world.